Atul Gupta



In 2012, Atul started making music from his laptop and a small bedroom setup. Since then, he has come a long way. He is now the owner of Nagpur based Music and Video production house Young Homie Studio, helping local artists to feature their talents through online mediums. He has personally released two Music albums named “my best days were with her” and “soul”. Atul was featured in popular online music magazine The Rolling Stone India and landed on top Editorial playlists on Spotify, crossing over 4 Lakh+ streams independently. He also owns the ‘Young Homie Productions’ production house, which consistently uploads music videos on their YouTube channel.

Learning music production and mixing

Atul has been self-learning music production since he was twelve years old and is consistently improving his quality with every track. When his original song “Be with Me” landed on Spotify Editorials, he was highly motivated to pursue music and music production as a full-time career option. Finally, at the age of 18, after convincing his parents to do full-time music production, he dropped out of college and started his studio in the city. Since then, he has been releasing original music and supporting local artists.

Atul gupta

Young Homie

Latest Albums

- my best days were with her

- Soulart

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